Lusófona University welcome MILT Portuguese Youth and Teachers

Filipe Luz, Videogames bachelor degree Director, received MILT project at MovLabYouth learned more about Universidade Lusófona videogames’ facilities, in particular, the MovLab that is used for motion capture and of particular relevance to Cinema, animation, and videogames. The youth had the opportunity to experience a VR application developed for Carlos Relvas (1834-1894) – Vistas Inéditas de Portugal Exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Lisbon).

After, students and teachers played digital security, an activity that simulates the internet with groups exchanging messages with their peers  (using a secret number for encryption and decryption) and another group, the intruders (hackers) trying to discover the secret. The analog Caeser Cipher has been used.  Soon there will be more details about this activity guided by Conceição Costa and Fernando Soares.

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