Michael Valeur

Michael Valeur is a Danish author with a specialization in interactive storytelling. Throughout the 90’s he was the author behind a range of interactive fictions foregrounding narration and artistic ambition in the field of multimedia. Most notable are Blackout (1997) and The Angel (1999). During the 00’s Michael worked with concept art and theatre including ”Villar” (Museum of modern art, Copenhagen 2002) and  ”Theremin” (Hote Proforma 2004). More recently he has devoted his time to writing resulting in a collection of short stories Dyrk ikke natten (2014) and a historical novel Hjemløs (2018). Alongside these activities Michael has been teaching at the IT University in Copenhagen,  Dramatiska Instituttet in Stockholm and Lusofona in Lissabon. Part of this work includes game- and story workshops with children in elementary school. More info at  www.michaelvaleur.dk